Are you a ‘Hollywood’ or ‘Bollywood’

Get that smooth and sexy feeling at WXD as Derby’s No1 waxing studio has finally arrived!

I can confirm that I have finally found the best wax in the UK and have brought it into my newly developed salon for all my clients to enjoy.

Get your ‘Hollywood’ or ‘Brazillian’ in the comfort of my themed rooms….Chocolate, Candy, Vanilla and Olive which work hand in hand with our scented hot waxes to make your experience extra special. There will be no ‘OUCH!!!’ as our waxes melt at a lower temperature to give more comfort and enable effective hair removal.

If you are a shaving addict then give that up lady and enjoy a Full Leg Wax for only £15- NO EXCUSE! Also this wax removes the shortest hairs so no need to grow forevvvvvveeeerrrrr! Get long lasting results and start now.

Ladies can enjoy feeling fabulous for longer with my exclusive lingerie range or add that ‘Bollywood’ spice with our ‘Vajewel’ service 😉


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